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Thursday, October 3, 2013

How To Make Your Desktop Look Good ( Windows 7)

The other day when i was jobless, thought of making my desktop look good which was really messy to a point that my desktop was 100% full with all junks. With a little bit of patience, i finally managed to come up with a decent look.

 This is how my desktop looks

I  have moved the taskbar to the left and it will slide out when u move your cursor to the dead left.

 Here are the simple steps to make your desktop look like this. ( Time Required 5-7 Min )

 Step 1 : Go to task bar , right click on Task bar > properties. In taskbar menu change the "taskbar on screen" to left and click on "auto-hide the taskbar". You can change it to other location, but i personally prefer to keep it on left because if you keep it on top, the task bar keeps sliding down when browsing and even right side is a hazel while closing windows.

Step 2 : Download a software called RocketDock. This helps you to browse through all the exe files and u can place it on the bottom of the screen . Download link : Click Here

 Step 3 : Download a Hd wallpaper from google as per you screen resolution and right click and " set as desktop wallpaper".

 Step 4 : once you have installed the rocketdock, drag and drop all the files which you need on the desktop.


 Step 5 : In the rocketdock taskbar, go to dock settings> General " check on Run at startup". Go to Behaviour tab " check on auto hide ". ( personal preference ) Make a folder and move all the junks, which u feel its needed into that folder and drag that folder into the rocketdock taskbar so that its always in your reach And you are Done!

 If you have any new modifications, feel free to post it in the comment.

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