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Monday, October 14, 2013

Never Get Dirty :

When you walk on a dirty road wearing a waterproof boots, it will shed moisture but it will be a strong magnet to grime, mud etc. You will end up cleaning up your shoes every time you use it.

UltraTech, a Florida-based company, has alredy got over this problem by inventing a new coating called Ultra-Ever Dry which repels most musk .

Instead of a single layer, Ever Dry is two coats. Engineers first spray a surface with a solution that consists mainly of xylene and butyl acetate. Once that coat dries (about 20 minutes), they apply an acetone solution with small amounts of silica and other proprietary additives. As it dries, the top coat reacts with the base coat to form a layer of microscopic peaks and valleys. That structure reduces surface friction so that particles can roll right off.

 The left boots has coating of Ever Dry and the right boots has no such coating.

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