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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pioneer AR-HUD Car Navigation System

Pioneer Introduces the New CYBER NAVI Car Navigation system in Japan. With the world’s first Head-Up Display to project augmented reality information in front of the windscreen.

Pioneer Corporation announces the release of its latest Cyber Navi car navigation system for the
Japanese market, which comes with an AR HUD unit*2 - the world’s first*1 Head-Up Display to project augmented reality information in front of the windscreen.

This device uses the AR HUD unit to project various augmented reality information useful for
driving in front of the windscreen, using vivid full color image. The display overlays augmented realityinformation on top of the real scenery, so that the driver can track information instantaneously while significantly reducing eye movement and refocusing.

The latest Cyber Navi has a variety of advanced functions to support comfortable driving. The AR
HUD View function displays information in the AR HUD unit, such as information about the route and the distance to the vehicle ahead, in a way that is easy to understand. The Parking Watcher function downloads information in real-time to show the latest information about car park congestion in the navigation screen. There is also a function that detects and displays speed limit signs, notifying the driver with a sound effect when a sign is detected.

This device also meets the needs of users who want to always have the latest map data, with map data updates with no additional fee for the first three years, and a Road Creator function that automatically generates road data when you drive on a road that is not listed on the map, and then uses this road data for route navigation.

Pioneer will continue to focus on improving the value of car navigation and coming up with
cutting-edge new products that enable a comfortable driving experience by thinking about the way
information should be presented in vehicles or while driving, and by making further advances in videoanalysis technology.

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