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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sony DREX300iP Headphones Review :

This is a pretty good pair of headphones. Build quality is nice and the iPhone functionality works nicely. They do an excellent job of blocking external sound, which is nice when I'm on the commuter train (why do I always sit near loud talkers?). The enclosed carrying pouch is a useful accessory. In terms of sound quality, here's what I found:

- Bass: Strong. A little overpowering depending on what you're listening too. Cannot be entirely toned down with the iPhone EQ (see below).
- Highs: As clean and crisp as you're likely to find in this price range.
- Mids: Weak and somewhat muddy. It's as if the EQ is set to "Rock" mode and neglects the mid tones.

These are great for listening to some music, but are a mixed bag overall. For example, when I'm listening to jazz there clarity and separation of instruments is definitely there, but the sax is lacking in soul and warmth. When I put on some classic Dylan, some songs can sound a little muddy and dull. I think this is probably the same with a lot of other ear buds in this price range, as a lot of them are bass-heavy.

A note about audio books: I spend a lot of time listening to audio books on the train, and the overpowering bass and highs (no matter what setting the EQ is on) distracts from the listening experience. I should be hearing a clear mid-tone voice, but instead hear one bass voice overlaid by a weaker mid voice overlaid by a shrill treble voice (the S's can be a little raspy here). It's strange quasi-echo chamber experience that I just can't get used to. Not terrible, but a spoken voice should be a smooth mid tone that is not dominated by bass and treble.

Sony DREX300iP Specifications:

  • Product type- Headset
  • Design- In-ear ear-bud
  • Weight- 0.2 oz
  • Sound output mode- Stereo
  • Connector type- Mini-phone 3.5 mm 4-pole
  • Addtional features- Volume control Play/pause button Gold-plated plug
  • Headphones Type- Binaural

OVERALL, this is a good pair of headphones for the money. Comfortable, functional, and pretty good sound quality (if you like bass). I decided to return these and go with a more expensive set by Etymotic research, which deliver higher quality sound and a flatter tonal balance (equal bass, mids, and highs), which is better for the type of music I listen to and for audio books.

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