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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Streamnation 2.0 Will Let You Share Your Ripped Movies With Friends :

There are plenty of cloud storage services available, but how many of them offer truly unlimited storage and bandwidth? Stream Nation is one of the few, and its latest version 2.0 update is now better geared toward hosting all of your movies and TV shows.Stream Nation announced Tuesday the launch of version 2.0 of its media storage service, which is primarily aimed at hosting video content, but is also capable of handling photos as well.

 Streamnation 2.0's tentpole feature sounds a little too good to be true, but founder Jonathan Benassaya isn't worried. After navigating digital rights for years as the co-founder of music-streaming service Deezer, he couldn't be more confident about his new solution for sharing your content.

 Sharing works like this: you upload a video, choose to make it available on your profile, and add some friends. At this point, friends can see your shared videos within their library and stream them on demand to any internet-connected computer or iOS device. If a friend begins watching a movie, it becomes inaccessible to you, just as it would in real life. "We've recreated physical borrowing in digital, with same restrictions," Benassaya stresses. "The concept of borrowing inside of fair use is restricted to friends and family, and since there is no copy involved, you are not distributing multiple copies of the same content to your friends." So it works like Kindle book lending, except with streaming movies.

 This is all assuming your friends know how to rip DVDs, of course. But, perhaps the masses aren't Streamnation's target audience — for now, at least. "Twenty-five percent of our users are pro photographers," says Benassaya. "We are also attracting small video production studios if they don't want to use Vimeo or Ooyala." Users on Streamnation, in fact, store more than 150GB in files on the service, which is a lot more than the average person has on his entire computer. Benassaya calls these people the "movie lovers," the people who use apps like Plex to organize all their content. And like Plex, Streamnation pulls in metadata from the web like the IMDB rating, poster art, and cast for your movies and shows. Benassaya wants Streamnation to be your "media hub," the place where you can store all your photos and videos, regardless of source, and share them however you want.

Features Of  Streamnation 2.0 :


Photo Timeline

Beyond organizing photos into albums, one of the most requested feature for photos and videos was a global timeline. Upload all your photos and videos and the timeline will be created automatically and independently from your personal organization.


Movie Section

You can add your covers thanks to an integration with The Movie Database. You will be able to sort by genre, by release date and even browse the movies your friends let you borrow.


TV Show Section

When you add a cover to your shows, they will now be aggregated by Show and then by season. As for Movies, you will be able to sort by genre and browse the Shows your friends have shared with you.

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