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Saturday, November 16, 2013

MomentCam a Viral App, is available in English Version :

Have you seen your friends on social media sharing a cartoon like photo of their face, for sure you have been curious on how they do it right? actually it’s an app that went viral for a couple of days ago it’s called MomentCam where you can convert your selfie photos to a traditional like drawing and add some different templates and fun stuffs to and share it to the social media.

Now it’s set to go even more places, as the app has launched an English version this week named MomentCam, available on both iOS and Android platforms.

What’s more, Android users of popular messaging service WeChat get two extra sets of MomentCam comic templates — a move that will likely benefit both apps. Fans of MomentCam may very well download WeChat to get more templates, while spreading MomentCam images on the messaging platform could place the photo app in the limelight.

The app uses advanced facial recognition to paste your face onto comic caricatures, and you get to make edits after that happens. You can alter the shape of your face, get a different hairstyle and eyebrows, and choose from 200 post-editing templates.

Check it out and share your moments to your friends and let them be amaze with your drawing skills.

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