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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Galaxy Note 12.2 passes FCC, Failed to keep its existance a secret !

Galaxy Note 12.2, the large tablet that Samsung is hoping will take the tablet market by storm next year, just can’t seem to keep its existence a secret.

Three unannounced and unreleased Sam-made gadgets have been caught red-handed while trying to discreetly get the green light from either the FCC or Bluetooth SIG. Detail revealed by the FCC about the tab carrying the model number SM-P900 and so far only “believed” to be the Wi-Fi only version of a Galaxy Note 12.2: there’s room for storing an S Pen at the very top of the slate. Hence, Galaxy Note 12.2  is now officially a future member of the GNote line.

What will likely launch as the Galaxy Note 12.2 sometime early next year (the January/February convention season could mark its debut) surfaced only recently, but surrounding buzz suggests other than the larger display the device could end up with a familiar hardware compliment. The S-Pen toting tablet will borrow from the build of the Galaxy Note 10.1 204 Edition, if we are to believe initial reports. This could include a 256×1600 display and Snapdragon 800 CPU (or Exynos 5420).

Samsung isn’t the only company expected to introduce an extra-large tablet next year. Rumors also claim that Apple could get in on the act with a 13-inch iPad as analysts see the market segment picking up steam in the wake of Microsoft’s Surface.

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